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Engineers, will you step up to the challenge?

We are looking for talents! Join Prysmian to be part of the world's leading manufacturer of energy and telecom cables and systems.



Which is why we’re the world’s leading designer and producer of energy and communications cables today. Every day, our engineers make a difference. Pushing the frontiers of project delivery and innovation to create something extraordinary. But we’re always looking for the engineers of tomorrow.


What is the MAKE IT Program?

Our "Make It" manufacturing program is unique. You'll be highly visible from day one, and along with a competitive salary package, customized to best suit your needs, you'll have the opportunity to partner, and learn from, a highly skilled mentor, as well as the chance to shape the future from day one in a challenging role at one of our largest facilities. Over 4 years, you'll expand your knowledge and develop your skills, as part of a comprehensive career program, designed to immerse you in the business from day one.

Program Details

Group Induction

As part of the Make It training program, you will spend a week in the Milan HQ for an introduction to the Group’s strategy, markets and culture, followed by a week spent at our state of the art Manufacturing Academy based in Mudanya, Turkey.  In Turkey you will be exposed to our products and technologies, manufacturing processes, in an “in plant” experience. You will benefit from an unparalleled insight into the Manufacturing world of Prysmian Group along with a network of your new colleagues.

Three months local on boarding which includes on the job training in your role and a job rotation phase giving exposure to different parts of the business, creating a better understanding of the local business and key departments/people you will work with.

During this phase you will meet and work closely with an existing expert in the business and learn from their experience. This person will be your mentor and assist you in adapting to your new environment and to help you reach your development goals. Our mentoring program is designed to support and encourage your own learning, maximise your potential, develop your skills, improve your performance and help you become the person you want to be.  They can support you throughout your career with Prysmian.  

During the first 4 years of your employment, you will spend time honing your skills. You will undertake 3 sessions of Manufacturing Fundamentals training that will provide give you with a dive deep into the main topics of Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Quality, Continuous Improvement, Processes and Machinery.  This training will follow the Manufacturing Fundamentals training package provided by our academy and facilitated by experts from within Prysmian, partnering universities and consultants who are experts in their fields. In the 4th year you will undertake Lean Six Sigma (LSS) which includes specific project requirements. The 4 years of training will give you the opportunity to strengthen your skills and build a strong manufacturing community with your new colleagues, meet technical experts from with Prysmian and outside, combining classroom theory with practical hands-on experience in our module based program as well as raise your group exposure and potentially lead to more advanced training opportunities depending on your performances.

Your career development will depend on your P3 and P4 outcomes. Prysmian People Performance (P3) is our employee performance appraisal system.  P3 is a tool for the motivation and engagement of employees, obtained via the appraisal and improvement of an individual’s performance.  This requires the allocation of clear objectives agreed with management and the provision of constant feedback about the work performed and results obtained.  You’ll receive a P3 from your first year of employment.  P4 is the next step in the process Prysmian People Performance Potential (P4) and is aimed at identifying and further developing your career path and future job succession within the Group.

  • Year 1 - 2 weeks training (1 week induction in HQ Milan Italy plus 1 week in our Manufacturing Academy in Mudanya Turkey studying Manufacturing Fundamentals 1) 

  • Year 2 - 1 weeks training in Mudanya Turkey - Manufacturing Fundamentals 2

  • Year 3 - 1 weeks training in Mudanya Turkey - Manufacturing Fundamentals 3

  • Year 4 - 2 separate weeks of training in a plant location for Lean Six Sigma (LSS) including project work benchmarking technologies and processes in our major factories

A competitive salary package, customized for you

"The most attractive thing about the Make It program is the endless possibilities for your career.  Prysmian Group has many things to offer to its employees including a culture that is friendly and helpful"

Materials Engineer

  • Bachelor's degree in engineering

  • Between 3 and 7 years of experience in a factory role such as process, maintenance, planning, quality, product development, prouction management or production engineering

  • Good English Skills

  • Strong people and leadership skills

  • A hands on approach, can do attitude

  • A passion for operations 

Key roles on offer

In this role, you’ll be responsible for analysing engineering data to help develop and implement production process improvements and innovations.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating projects to meet tight deadlines within approved budgets, and analysing product specifications, drawings, and engineering data.
  • Recommending strategies to minimise risks, costs, and waste, while increasing yield and productivity.
  • Improving the quality and the consistency of the final product.

In this role, you’ll help us assess, maintain and upgrade our equipment, making sure it’s fit for purpose and capable of working with the latest processes.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Developing a ‘critical equipment list’ based on business risk assessment, while planning, prioritising, scheduling, and managing maintenance activities and upgrades.
  • Managing the installation and initialisation of new operations equipment.

In this role, you’ll work closely with sales, purchasing and manufacturing to bring ideas to life across the business.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Developing sales and operations plans, and managing priorities and timelines whilst optimising service levels and costs.
  • Monitoring effectiveness of operating procedures and utilisation of space, while planning the timely purchase of raw materials and finished goods, to meet schedules and comply with stock policies and requirements.

In this role, you’ll hold our reputation in your hands. You will need to ensure our products are the best they can be, while maintaining profitability and customer expectations.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Working with operations departments to develop and implement quality standards for our raw materials, in-process products and finished products.
  • Focus on profitability, improve products and meet KPIs without compromising quality, while liaising with external parties, including customers, suppliers and certification bodies.

In this role, you’ll perfect the things we’re famous for, optimising existing products and developing new ones based on customer needs and emerging technologies.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Assessing the performance of existing lines, identifying potential areas of improvement and working with internal departments to make it happen.
  • Liaising with R&D and the manufacturing departments to assess the practicalities of bringing new ideas to life, and set best practice guidelines.

As a production engineer, you’ll plan and monitor all activities within an assigned area.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Maximising the use of the organisation’s resources and meeting established production specifications and schedules; volume, cost and wastage targets; and quality standards;

  • Developing and implementing manufacturing schedules and procedures and allocating labour and capital resources to maximise productivity.


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