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As industry leaders we strongly value the importance of continuous learning and development and encourage networking and knowledge sharing.
Creating awareness around our strategy and enhancing our people skills set is a milestone of our people strategy.
Within Prysmian Group Academy, our employees have the opportunity to be part of qualitative and tailored trainings in partnership with international Business and Technical schools.

What the Prysmian Academy offers

Our school of management, in partnership with global business schools, offers training programs to strenghten leadership and managerial skills.

It represents our best asset to develop our future leaders and ensure the global culture embedded in our values.

Our Professional School aims to increase the technical knowledge of our employees at functional level.

It offers opportunities to share know-how, learn from each other, be part of a worldwide community.

Our Digital School ensures continuous learning to all our employees.

In our company culture, we encourage our employees to be accountable for their own development.

It allows anyone to join online leadership and professional trainings anytime, anywhere.

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Gladys Mathieu

Gladys Mathieu