Medium Voltage Monitoring Systems

In both Power Distribution grids and industrial Medium Voltage power applications, each time fraction of non-distributed power represents a financial loss factor. Medium Voltage is also the market with the highest number of failures due to various reasons: widespread and fragmented geographical extension, diverse technologies, installation performed by third parts.
Consequently, MV systems owners and operators are facing more and more challenges related to power supply safety and continuity and these issues can be addressed only with the support of an extended, powerful and actual database.
In a world and at a time where and when such information was not available, we have been true forerunners and today we are the first and only operator in the cable industry capable of providing such an extended database to enable preserving the value of an electrical asset, be it a single piece of equipment or an entire power grid.

PRY-CAM is a breakthrough technology that allows online, accurate and reliable measurements of key parameters, diagnosis and defect localization from remote. It can help increase uptime and safety of electrical systems, enhance assets longevity and significantly reduce maintenance time, manpower, costs and risks by harnessing the extraordinary possibilities of data gathering and the Internet of Things.
PRY-CAM allows key parameters measurement and condition assessment data to be collected and stored via private Cloud, allowing effective maintenance strategies for electrical assets and learning for continuous improvement. It is faster, more data driven and more effective than ever before, solving problems today and delivering learning for tomorrow.
We have developed the most powerful diagnostics tools and transitioned to the new role of cable system integrator and data provider: this is why we are a world leader.

La familia PRY-CAM

La familia PRY-CAM ofrece una gama de productos de vanguardia que abarcan los aspectos clave de evaluación del estado y monitoreo de sistemas eléctricos.
Adecuados para cualquier equipo eléctrico de 3 kV hasta 600 kV.